When the cold and dark winter months drag on at home, packing a suitcase for a break under the sun seems irresistible. But when trading the inclement weather of home for the colour and vibrancy of a sunny destination, it’s important to consider just how much winter sun you might find. 

According to a study conducted by Find My Casino, the best global destinations for winter sun have been carefully calculated. Analysts compared sunshine hours for each destination to London, in order to see how much sun tourists will gain per day. This was analysed in comparison to the total cost of a holiday in each destination, to reveal where travellers can get the most winter sun for their money.

Ten sunny destinations proved to be the most financially viable for your next winter holiday, now travel restrictions have been lifted across most of the world.

Ibiza, Balearic Islands

Ibiza might be renowned the world over as a clubbing destination, but nightlife is just one feature the island has to offer. With lowkey mediaeval citadels and rugged landscapes, Ibiza has earned its name as a versatile destination for friends or families. Expect gorgeous cycling routes, glass-bottomed boats, water parks, kayak rentals and yoga lessons.

Tourists can expect to gain nearly 5 hours of extra sunlight per day, with a cost of £263 for every sunshine hour gained.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is often considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, nestled at the foot of the flat-topped Table Mountain. With a vast range of landscapes from mountains to forests to beaches, the city offers a vibrant multicultural atmosphere with thriving artistic, dining, and nightlife scenes. 

The city offers travellers just under 8 additional hours of sunshine per day, at a cost of £249.45 for each additional hour of sunshine.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

The coastline of Zanzibar offers some of the best beaches in the world, as well as a heritage that reflects a real mix of cultural influences. Travellers can relax on stunning white beaches, enjoy labyrinthine alleyways and intricate architecture, or try their hand at water-sports and snorkelling. This sun-kissed climate remains tropical all year round, proving you can certainly achieve a tan from the winter sun. 

Gaining an average of 8.5 hours of sunshine per day, the average cost per sunshine hour gained in Zanzibar is £244.56.

Cancun, Mexico

With white sand beaches, turquoise waters and Mayan ruins, Cancun caters to visitors looking for sheer relaxation as well as those in search of lively clubs and bars. With restaurants catering to almost every cuisine and accommodation on a broad spectrum of luxury, Cancun has become a world-famous holiday destination for sun all year round. 

Cancun offers its tourists an additional 6.5 hours of sunshine per day – that’s £227.40 per extra hour of sun.

Tenerife, Canary Islands

This popular tourist hub is ideally suited to travellers searching for variety. With resorts, restaurants, water parks and bars, as well as gorgeous scenery for hikes and sports, Tenerife caters to families, friends and couples looking for a well-rounded getaway. 

Tourists will gain nearly 6 additional hours of sunshine per day, and will pay £136.58 for each hour of sunshine gained.

Madeira, Portugal

A Portugal overseas territory, this island is a jewel in the Atlantic. This is the ideal location if you’re longing for breathtaking views and nature, great food, winding hikes and trails, and a warm and friendly culture. 

Visitors will pay £132.27 for each hour of sunshine gained. This is almost a fifth of the price (19%) in nearby holiday spot Fuerteventura, Spain, where tourists can expect to pay £164.57 per hour of sunshine gained. Visitors in Madeira will gain almost 6 hours of winter sun.

Cairo, Egypt

Once the land of the pharaohs and now a bustling travel destination, this is a landscape rich with history and culture traversing Egyptian, Roman, Arab and Ottoman culture. Alongside the remnants of ancient civilisation, Egypt’s Red Sea Region is host to some of the most remarkable diving spots for colourful coral reefs, marine life, and shipwrecks. 

In Cairo, tourists will pay £122 for every hour of sunshine gained. This is almost half the cost holidaymakers can expect to pay (£227.40) per hour of sunshine in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Cairo receives 10.65 hours of sunshine, meaning tourists visiting from London will gain over 7 hours of winter sun.

Marrakesh, Morocco 

According to the metrics, Marrakesh is the city where you can get the most sunshine hours for your money. This is an exciting option for nearby European travellers – the North African city is only a three and a half hour flight from the UK. 

Nestled in the shadow of the High Atlas Mountains, Marrakesh is a hotbed of rose-coloured city walls and bustling markets – named ‘the red city’ after its buildings and ramparts of beaten red clay. It is the perfect location for the creative and the curious, marrying the colourful and frenetic pace of street life with the laid-back safety of opulent riads and gardens. 

The average cost of a holiday to Marrakesh is £644.32, the lowest priced destination of all cities analysed. Holidaymakers in Marrakesh will experience 10.06 hours of winter sun per day, 6.53 hours more than in Greater London. The price per hour of sunshine gained is just £96.68, making Marrakesh the best-value winter sun destination.

In contrast, the data-driven study by Find My Casino revealed that Barbados, the Caribbean is the most expensive winter sun destination. Despite its breathtaking location, the average cost for a holiday to Barbados is £3,021.80 for just over 5 hours of sunshine gained each day. As a result, tourists will pay £564.51 per hour of sunshine gained — the highest of all destinations analysed.

When selecting your next winter destination – whether it be a couples, friends, or a family holiday – it's interesting to see how much sun your money can buy.


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