By India Dowley

Solo travel is a trend that’s here to stay as digital nomads seek authentic experiences and personal growth on their journeys. No longer a space dominated by gap-year backpackers, Covid prompted a reconsideration of what’s important in life, sparking a surge in mid-career breaks, while remote working has brought newfound freedom to many. 

For those in the hotel industry, understanding the desires of solo travellers is crucial for attracting guests, crafting memorable stays and fostering guest loyalty. Here, we explore what solo travellers look for in a hotel today. 

  1. Authentic experiences

Solo travellers crave authenticity and cultural immersion. They seek hotels that offer unique experiences like local tours, cooking classes and opportunities to interact with the community. Tailor your marketing to highlight the destination's culture and distinctive offerings, showcasing the hotel as a gateway to the experiences solo travellers seek.
  1. Safety and security

Safety is always a priority, but it’s particularly important for solo travellers. Ensure your hotel emphasises safety measures such as well-lit areas, security personnel and secure access to rooms and facilities. Provide clear information on safety protocols and measures taken to give solo guests peace of mind during their stay.

  1. Social spaces for connection

Lone travellers often enjoy meeting like-minded individuals during their trips. Create inviting social spaces and activities within your hotel, such as communal lounges, rooftop bars and organised excursions or workshops. Encouraging interaction among guests fosters a sense of community and helps guests to make meaningful connections.
  1. Personalised recommendations and local insights

Solo travellers appreciate local recommendations and insights. Offer personalised city guides, insider tips and curated experiences that cater to their adventurous spirits. Showcase your hotel as a hub for discovering under-the-radar local spots and experiences that really help visitors under the skin of a destination.

  1. Tech-savvy services

The modern traveller is tech-savvy and values convenience at the click of a button. Implement seamless tech solutions like mobile check-in, keyless entry and interactive city guides accessible through mobile apps. Technology streamlines the guest experience and makes their journey more enjoyable. Fast and reliable Wi-Fi goes without saying for those working abroad.

  1. Solo-friendly rooms

Well-designed single rooms that don’t feel depressingly cell-like are essential. Also consider providing workspaces, cosy reading corners, modern amenities and snack bars. Highlight the privacy and relaxation these rooms offer for work meetings or end-of-day R&R.
  1. Wellness and relaxation

Millennial travellers who are no longer on a teenage budget often look for well-being and self-care opportunities during their stay. Offer facilities like yoga studios, spas, meditation spaces and fitness centres to help them rejuvenate and unwind.

  1. Sustainable practices

Solo travellers lead the way when it comes to prioritising environmentally friendly hotels. Implement sustainable practices such as recycling programmes, energy-efficient lighting and eco-friendly toiletries to attract eco-conscious solo guests.
  1. Solo traveller community

Create opportunities for solo travellers to connect and interact with each other. Organise social events, group tours and networking sessions within your hotel to encourage a sense of belonging and opportunity.

Five of our favourite global hotel groups for solo travellers: 

The Hoxton

Popping up in LA, London, Amsterdam and Paris, The Hoxton is renowned for its stylish and social atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for solo travellers seeking connection. The lobby spaces are designed to feel like a modish living room where guests can work, relax or chat to fellow guests. These guys also host events and workshops, providing opportunities to meet like-minded individuals. With its prime city-centre locations, The Hoxton ensures easy access to local attractions and lively neighbourhoods, enabling visitors to get stuck into local life. 

Artist Residence

For solo travellers with a creative streak, UK-based Artist Residence (find them in London, Brighton and Bristol) offers a unique and inspiring stay. Each property is characterised by its distinctive decor, often showcasing local art and quirky design elements. This creates an immersive experience that encourages guests to engage with their surroundings and other visitors. The inviting communal spaces, such as bars and lounges, provide the perfect setting for people to switch off, while the small number of rooms helps to foster a family feeling.


Mama Shelter

Those seeking a hip hotel group should put Mama Shelter at the top of their list. This French-owned group is self-described as an ‘urban refuge’, offering design-forward interiors infused with playfully cheeky elements that create a sense of laid-back cool. Convivial areas such as the rooftop bars are perfect places to mingle while the hotels often host events, parties, themed nights and live DJs, providing ample opportunity to fraternise.


CitizenM hotels are designed with the modern traveller in mind. The efficient use of space in budget-friendly rooms, with high-tech amenities and customisable lighting, caters to the needs of those looking for convenience. The contemporary design creates an inviting atmosphere while the communal living areas encourage interaction with zany artwork as talking points. Self-check-in kiosks and a 24/7 canteen cater to the flexible schedules of solo travellers, allowing them to explore the city at their own pace while having a safe and connected home base.


This hotel group has achieved cult-like status among the free spirits on the LA / Tulum / Bali circuit. A variety of accommodation options, from shared dorms to private suites, allows solo visitors to choose a setup that suits their preferences and budget, while its bohemian vibes hit the mark. Chic co-working spaces, wellness activities and organised excursions provide opportunities for travellers to engage with others and participate in group activities. Their emphasis on local experiences and cultural immersion ensures that guests can engage deeply with the destination.

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