With 16 venues around the globe, each with a distinct history and character, managing the marketing for DB group is no simple task. Under Jade Quere’s charge are illustrious establishments across France and the world, from Mediterranean culinary jewels La Guérite Cannes and St Barths and Anna Paris to iconic French Riviera establishments like Luigi, Medusa and Palm Beach Resort.

In celebration of female leaders in PR, marketing, and business this international Women’s Day, Sequel sat down with Jade to ask about her career journey, her thoughts on DB’s growing roster of properties, and where we can expect to see an exciting new opening next.

As the Marketing Manager for some of the most prestigious venues in the South of France, Paris, St Barths and D-Maris Bay – could you tell us how you got to where you are today?

After a successful experience in the marketing department of a 5* luxury hotel and communication consulting assignments for restaurants, I had the chance to join the group in June 2020 thanks to my multi-skills profile (content production; social media management; strategy) and my sense of creativity.

I am now in charge of managing the communication teams, following up the various projects (360° communication) and ensuring the proper functioning of the service.

With the much anticipated opening of La Guérite St Barths recently, could you tell us a little about the next exciting opening you have planned?

Stay tuned… All I can say is that Greece is coming very soon to Cannes!

With an incredible portfolio of clients in different cities, how do you curate such a meaningful and distinct identity for them all?

It's quite easy because each place has its own atmosphere, spirit and vibe. They all have a very strong identity... You can feel it directly when you walk through the doors!

And obviously, I work with a very talented team. We're a very creative office with lots of talking and brainstorming during the day, which allows us to always be in the creative process.

Your venues have such character, La Guérite in particular has garnered exceptional demand over the summer months, what’s one thing that you would say has led to such success?

La Guérite is really special... it's a unique experience to live at least once in your life! You take the boat and you arrive in a preserved corner of paradise, far from the hustle and bustle of Cannes.

You feel like nowhere else in the world. The magical view of the Mediterranean Sea, the service, the exquisite cuisine of Chef Yiannis Kioroglou, the atmosphere… everything is done to spend an unforgettable moment. Some celebrities have made it their favorite, secret hideaway, and our customers are loyal and return year after year.

What is the most important message you’d like to send out to young women embarking on a career in marketing and communications in France?

To believe in yourself!

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