Thirteen years ago, Jeany Cronk and her husband Stephen left their tech jobs in South-West London for a life in the village of Cotignac, about an hour east of Aix-en-Provence. There, from scratch, they founded Maison Mirabeau, the Provençal winery that would go on to produce one of the foremost rosés in the world. 


Fast forward to the present day, and Domaine Mirabeau has become the pastoral idyll of Jeany and Stephen’s dreams. Nestled near the historic village of La Garde-Freinet just a stone’s throw from the French Riviera, the domaine epitomises the romance of the Provençal landscape, rich with green oaks and pines, golden sunsets, and fourteen hectares of thriving vines.


Visitors may even book to stay in a charming farmhouse among the vineyards – a tranquil refuge from which to explore the glamour of the Côte d'Azur. Others still may visit the Mirabeau boutique in Cotignac for an exclusive wine-tasting experience and a finely-selected range of local and artisanal produce, exhibited against a backdrop of Jeany’s flair for interiors.

Eyeing this thriving business, one gets the sense that Maison Mirabeau was founded at the perfect juncture in time – just as the world was catching on to the delights of pale pink wines. But the skill required to capitalise on this wave and manage supplier relations in over 60 international markets has little to do with timing or luck, and far more with hard work and vision.

Celebrating the innovation and talent of female founders, we had the pleasure of asking Jeany about her routine, her all-time best advice, and her current inspiration.

First of all, tell us about your daily routine – what does a morning look like for you?

I wake up early (unfortunately), read all sorts of stuff on Google news, often stumble across interesting things for my day and then take my youngest to the school bus just after 7. Big cup of coffee and then my phone starts ringing…


Starting a new business in a new country from scratch is a mean feat – not to mention managing marketing, supplier relations, and design. Can you tell us about the best piece of advice you or your business ever received to guide you through?


 "Tomorrow is another day!” Good advice for a perfectionist who tends to dwell on stuff! 

Your Mirabeau journey began back in 2010 – is there something you wish you knew when you first embarked on the venture?


Just how difficult it is to carve out time for my family and myself, because I am "always on” . Not sure how I would have prevented it, as it’s a by-product of loving what you do, but it does pretty much dominate my life.


The last thirteen years must be brimming with proud moments – but is there one thing that stands out above all others?


It’s still the best moment to see people drinking our wine or gin when they are having a lovely time. Nothing else comes close.  

And finally, can you recommend a book or podcast that has inspired you lately?


Recently Gabe Brown’s Dirt to Soil, because our future will depend on us giving our soils their life back. I also love the Pivot podcast from New York Magazine for gossip and insights on trends and the economy.


Discover more about Maison Mirabeau, its domaine and its boutique here. To peruse the content Sequel created for Mirabeau and its stunning Domaine, click here.

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