Having engaging content is key, but that’s only the start. How you use that content to communicate your story is what sets you apart from the rest. That’s why we offer tried and tested social media marketing solutions to businesses seeking further creative and strategic support.

Sequel’s approach to social media marketing is driven by storytelling. We work with our clients to pinpoint and refine their unique story, core values and key messaging; and create social strategies that bring those elements to life.

A successful brand doesn’t just offer a product, it puts its customer’s aspirations, experiences and ideas at its core. Our goal is to help you to understand your customer fully, and develop a brand identity and voice that resonates. 
Whether you’re interested in creative coaching to develop the confidence to master social media yourself, or would prefer to hand over the planning & management entirely, our Social Packages are designed to work for you.

Our services include strategy, planning and management across multiple social platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and TikTok. Whether through targeted engagement, brand partnerships, influencer marketing or paid media campaigns, our monthly social solutions are built to reach new customers, generate leads and drive growth. 


“After churning through multiple marketing and PR agencies, what an utter relief it was to find Sequel. All we needed was a one-off content shoot and now we use them on a recurring basis for absolutely everything they offer. Thank you for being so wonderful to work with, it is an absolute pleasure.”

- Mike Morrison, CMO, YourZooki