“A family run business, Sequel were tasked with capturing the intimacy and exquisite handmade jewellery through emotive imagery, bespoke branding and expert creativity.”

Ivy Jewellers was founded by husband and wife, Victor & Ines Van Der Westhuizen. The family-run jewellers was established over a decade ago, drawing on over 50 years of expertise; both incredibly talented artisans, each commission is lovingly designed, and handmade by the accomplished pair.

“From creative conceptualisation, to execution we worked on three editorial shoots in the South of France, Surrey and Hatton Garden to capture the entirety of the bespoke collection.”

Ivy Jewellers had been solely operating through word of mouth, with no digital presence at all. We brought their story to life through photography and videography, whilst working in unison with expert branding specialist Mayd Studio who developed the luxury branding and bespoke e-Commerce website. Once the content had been created, we planned a beautifully cohesive feed and took over the management of the brand's Instagram, Instagram Stories and Highlights, to enable them to reach a new, affluent millennial audience.

"Sequel worked on a one-to-one basis with the brand's founders, to ensure no detail was missed along the way."

From Creative Direction, photography and videography, to location sourcing and logistical management, the process was seamless from start to finish. Working as Project Managers with our branding partner Mayd Studio, the creative assets were perfectly aligned to tell the Ivy story. With access to our portfolio of other brands, Sequel also work to pair clients who complement each other aesthetically. For the editorial photoshoot in Surrey, we collaborated with our client Love Story Bride - a luxury bridal boutique who've been styled beautifully with the bespoke Ivy Bridal Jewellery Collection.
Victor and Ines offer an exquisite collection of engagement rings, wedding bands and fine jewellery for both private and trade clients from their workshop in Hatton Garden, London. Each curation can be designed from scratch, or pre-loved jewellery can also be personalised. You can trust that a design from Ivy Jewellers is never mass-produced; from the initial consultation to the final delivery, the founders oversee each design element, providing a personal and entirely bespoke experience. They take pride in each project, resulting in a beautifully unique, timeless creation lasting for a lifetime.  We worked closely with Ivy Jewellers to understand their brand personality and ethos so we could capture the raw talent, skilled craftsmanship and intimacy Ivy offer their clientele. As a small business, Ivy Jewellers work with only a handful of customers to ensure a truly one-to-one experience; it was therefore fundamental to tell the story carefully and meaningfully, through each creative pillar. 
 Shopping for engagement rings in Hatton Garden can be overwhelming; with so many shops and so much choice to offer, it can be difficult to find what you are looking for. Based in in the heart of Hatton Garden, it was integral we set them apart from the masses, and captured the intimacy and personable service Ivy offer. Without a shopfront, Ivy choose to be discreet and 'off the high street'. Their work is traditionally discovered through word of mouth, and their online presence needed to replicate this attractive brand discretion. Through carefully curated imagery and refined branding, we maintained a prestigious, yet approachable and intimate online presence for Ivy Jewellers.