“Born in California, Lambda Fragrances are on a mission to change perceptions of the words 'perfume' and 'cologne'.”

Each formulation represents expert craftsmanship and a captivating marriage of art, mathematics and physics. Sequel was tasked with bringing their first line of unisex fragrances to life through photography and videography in the South of France. Working with male and female models across four different locations, we captured these unique formulations against the enchanting landscapes and stunning coastlines of the Côte D’Azur.

“With a team based based in the South of France, we have extensive knowledge of the very best locations, which we pair excellently to every brief. Lambda is a perfect example of bringing a brand to life; handpicking spots along the French Riviera which lend themselves beautifully to the different and unique brand characteristics.”

From the creative conceptualisation to the planning and execution, our team work closely on each stage of the project. The Creative Director will take the lead on developing the mood board, whilst our project management team will focus on the logistical planning of the shoot, booking models and coordinating the creative team of photographers, videographers, makeup artists and hair stylists for the lifestyle shoot. With access to exclusive villas around the South of France, Sequel create tailored location packages to suit each brief. 

Ensuring consistency in branded content is crucial, yet can be challenging. We often find that clients return to shoot with Sequel again in order to maintain consistency as they develop their collections further. Following Sequel's first successful campaign, the Californian Perfume brand briefed them on another editorial shoot, this time using a male model. Bringing the unisex element into the brand was an important step, it was fundamental the shots complimented our previous female portfolio. Sequel photographed the male model in Cap D'Antibes, amongst the beautiful, raw, rugged stone coastline and deep azure oceans. 
As Instagram announced its shift from favouring still imagery to video content, it was integral as an agency that we followed suit. Educating our clients on having content that works for them is at the forefront of what we do; we're always moving and adapting quickly. We created four Instagram reels, which were shot in different locations, gently portraying the brand messaging each time. The hero reel was shot with Pardo Yachts, pairing the elegant and refined Italian boats with the exclusive cologne. Our creative team shot the series of drone footage throughout the day, focusing on the luxury lifestyle element and carefully weaving in product placement.  With a strong bank of imagery and reels ready to use, Lambda sought Sequel's guidance in planning a cohesive Instagram feed, to launch their fragrances amongst an aesthetic of ethereal elegance and wanderlust.