As decadent as it sounds, Delaire Graff is honourable holiday residence to diamond legend Lawrence Graff OBE.

Sequel travelled in partnership with Luxury Travel Publication La Suíte to curate beautiful, editorial content. 

The feature focused on the the owner’s villa, which is nothing but exceptional in style and situ. A stretching panoramic pool graced the balcony, with spanning views across the undisturbed Stellenbosch mountain landscape. The villa boasts a personal gym, wine cellar and the owner’s private art collection. With many impressive features around the villa, we focused on the statement architecture including the fine art, panoramic pool and breathtaking views.

The acclaimed Graff estate is one of the most refined and luxurious locations in the winelands, home to ‘The Delaire Sunrise’ the world’s largest square emerald, at a staggering 118.08 carats. Situated at the highest point of all vineyards, the views are simply incomparable.

With generous entertainment for guests including morning Yoga, a wine tasting lounge which sits a breadth of the majestic mountains and an exquisite Asian-inspired restaurant, Indochine, we worked on capturing the detail in each area.

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