Eremo della Maddalena, a magical hideaway rested just above the pleasant seaside town of Monterosso, Cinque Terre.

Eremo della Maddalena, also known as The Hermitage above Monterosso, is steeped in history comprising an original church and monastery for the Benedictine monks. Sequel partnered with the luxury travel magazine JOSHUA's for this project, to capture beautiful and engaging editorial content, which was later published in the acclaimed magazine. Through carefully curated mood-boarding, styling, creative direction and editing we brought the enchanting Italian villa to life. 

“From the creative conceptualisation to the planning and execution, our team work closely on each stage of the project.”

We were given full creative independence on this project by JOSHUA's Editor-in-Chief, who tasked us with capturing the exclusive abode. This exquisite private property has captivating sea views of the Tyrennhian sea, a private pool, alfresco dining area, a spacious garden featuring olive groves, lemon trees and wild herbs and a private path to Monterosso where guests can hop on a boat to Portofino or Portovenere. Traditional Italian breakfast is prepared on the beautiful outdoor terrace, surrounded by an abundance of olive trees, colourful blooms and breath-taking views of the adjacent sea. 

“The imagery they shot in Italy was incredible. It looks great on our website, professional and super luxury – they have an excellent eye for detail!”

Eli Ankuste, CEO & Founder, JOSHUA’s Magazine