Our one-to-one PR consultancy allows us to understand the ambitions of each business we work with. Our portfolio of lifestyle and wellness brands has enabled us to forge some key relationships with journalists across an influential media landscape.

From consumer media including Tatler, Vogue and Conde Nast, to National Newspapers including The Metro, Mail Online and Telegraph to name a few. Whether it's a one-off PR brand consultation you need, or ongoing support - we can tailor a solution to suit you.

Our approach to influencer marketing is for brands who want to generate real love, meaningful conversation and a trusted community of genuine fans on social media.

Sequel uses over a decade of experience, coupled with state-of-the-art technology, to conceptualise and manage influencer campaigns at scale.
We’re not interested in the one-off, forced collaborations with influencers who aren’t real advocates of your business. The modern influencer cares about the content they create, the brands they support and the products they shout about. With a focus on authenticity over followers, we help you to find the right influencers, and tap into a valuable community that will want to support your brand again and again.