About Us



Sequel is a PR & Marketing agency with an in-house Content Creation team. We help luxury lifestyle brands in the travel, hospitality & wellness space to define, create and elevate compelling brand stories.


Our Mission

We believe that Content, Social & Influencer Marketing and PR are inextricably linked. We're on a mission to modernise the traditional agency approach, by integrating these service pillars and offering one trusted point of contact to our clients.

Thanks to our combined expertise in Content, Social & Influencer Marketing and PR, we are able to take a holistic approach to strategising, and recommend the optimum split of these services for your brand.

With a skilled in-house creation team, we not only devise brand stories but create the assets used to tell them - ensuring an elevated and consistent result across all of your digital channels.


Our Approach

Sequel’s approach is threefold:

We define compelling stories through creative thinking and sector-focused expertise;
We create the assets necessary to tell those stories through refined photography and videography; and
We elevate awareness of your brand through our tried and tested marketing & communications methods.


Our value is in our network. We’ve forged trusting relationships with top-tier influencers, UK media and HNW individuals within the luxury travel, hospitality and wellness sectors, to ensure your brand reaches the desired targeted audience.

We are a dedicated team of storytellers with an unwavering enthusiasm for the luxury space, allowing us to identify innovative social and influencer campaigns, impactful media opportunities and memorable partnerships that advance your brand to new heights.