About Us

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Sequel was founded by Martha Murray and Chantelle Oriani. Both passionate creatives, they left their corporate jobs in PR and Intellectual Property Law to focus on their entrepreneurial ambitions. With over a decade of experience in the creative industry: photography, modelling, videography, hair styling and makeup artistry, alongside founding their own E-Commerce businesses - they understand two fundamental challenges that business owners face.

The need to create quality content, quickly and effectively.

Organising photoshoots with models, photographers, videographers, make-up artists and creative directors can be costly and time consuming. Drawing on their little black book of talented creative professionals, Sequel created bespoke content packages which bring together all of these services, under one roof. With a trusted team in London, South of France, Italy and Goa - their talented creative team can organise a photoshoot from all corners of the world. 

Getting your content seen by your customers. 

We understand that creating beautiful content is just one part of getting your brand seen. Hiring a large marketing agency for your business can feel overwhelming which is why we work with our clients on a one-to-one consultancy basis to bridge that gap, and restore that all important, personable touch. We tailor a communications strategy to ensure each of our clients are addressing the right and relevant audience. We have a tried and tested Influencer Marketing model and PR approach for one-off, or ongoing business growth support. We hope our clients’ feedback is a testament to our work.


Please get in touch below to discover how we can help tell the next chapter of your brand’s story.